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Meetings with entrepreneurs

Take a look at what we did:

Meeting with Flo Meissner, founder at EyeEm

During the tours, our participants always have the chance to meet and connect with successful entrepreneurs from various areas.


Workshop at Betahaus Berlin

If there is a cool workshop in town, we’ll be there. From PR to branding to legal and finance we’ll be looking for value added workshops.

Berlin at night

Enjoying Berlin at night

There is always time to enjoy the cities where we have the tours. Go to museums, check the most important attractions or enjoy a meal in a traditional restaurant.

Coworking Spaces

Ahoy Berlin!

Incubators and accelerators are an important part of every startup ecosystem. We make sure to visit the most important ones in each city we go.

Meet VC's

Assembled Capital: A Founder's Guide to Fundraising

Meeting Business Angels and VC’s, connecting and learning from them it’s a crucial part of our tours.

networking events

Lots & lots of networking events

We either go to other people’s event or we organize our owns. From breakfast to dinners, from cocktails to after parties there are always lots of opportunities to meet new people.

Feedback from startups we've visited:

Kirsty Lee


"Was awesome to see so much enthusiasm and so many smiles first thing in the morning!"

Silvia Foglia


"We are always happy to share our experience and our enthusiasm for what we are doing."

What our participants have to say:

Alexandre Mendes

Founder at Os Tais do Vídeo

"It's like travelling along with an unfair advantage: doors are opened, you meet the coolest people and go to the top spots. Best way to meet the startup scene and leave as an insider"

Tiago Sequeira

Founder at Factory Business Center

"I had an amazing time in Berlin! The tour was extremely well organized, we meet amazing people and dig really deep into the Berlin Startup Scene. For a week Ich bin ein Berliner"

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